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Our organization offers many support groups every week to have the chance to talk with other individuals, either transitioning or questioning themselves about their gender identity. These meetings occur in a safe and welcoming environment. They are a great way to expand the support network for trans-identifying people.

Rencontres de groupe hebdomadaires sur ZOOM

Programmation d'activités annuelles

Individual and family support

services for racialized communities in development

24/7 HelpLine and intervention

Offered training & workshops

L’intimidation basée sur la variance de genre à l’école

Integrating trans and non-binary people into the workplace


Trans 101

Intégrer les personnes trans et non-binaires en milieux d’hébergement

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or contact us at infoatq1980@gmail.com ou contactez-nous au 1 (855) 909-9038, option 2.